Howard Baker is a vocal acrobat with decades of live experience.  With national and international awards for his music and a catalogue of 14 studio albums, Howard is a true thoroughbred performer.  His home is the stage (unless he’s in the studio) and his warm character and relentless patter makes you feel part of the show, even from the back of the room.  But the band isn’t just about Howard, it’s also about you, our audience, our friends – because you make our night as much fun as we make yours.
So Howard brought together a strange collection of musicians to form the Howard Baker Band, to bring you a performance you won’t forget.  We play a wide and varied set for your entertainment, from popular acoustic classics to rock anthems.  Whether you want to sing along to your old pop favourites, get Aunty Gladys up to dance to Motown or play air guitar to some stadium rock, the Howard Baker Band is the band for you.
You can see videos and photos on site or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the band, but the only way to really see what we’re about is to come along to a show for the real live experience.
The Howard Baker Band – four guys, a girl and no egos.  Meet the band…